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Product Updates – Macros, CSAT and Slack Actions

Fletcher RichmanFletcher Richman

Product Updates – Macros, CSAT and Slack Actions

It’s been a busy few weeks at BubbleIQ! We’re always discovering new ways to improve support and IT workflows. Today, we’re excited to announce new functionality that will save agents’ time and increase collaboration across organizations on customer service.

Run Macros from Slack

Zendesk Macros allow you to automate common ticket workflows – solving a ticket, automating responses to common questions, and much more. Our customers that route tickets from Zendesk into multiple Slack channels wanted to be able to leverage the power of Macros directly from Slack, and now they can!

You can set that up by messaging the bot admin and clicking “Add Macro Interface”. Step by step instructions here.

Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) surveys in Slack

For our users that have shared Slack channels with customers or use BubbleIQ for internal IT support, it’s important to understand the quality of customer experience they are providing. CSAT is a great way to get an actionable metric you can measure and improve.

CSAT is typically sent over email where it gets poor response times. With BubbleIQ, whenever a ticket that was created in Slack gets solved, the requester of the ticket gets a direct message with a CSAT survey:

Now they can not only reply to tickets from Slack threads but also can answer the CSAT survey directly from Slack! Our beta testers of this product have seen massive improvements in CSAT response rates. Here’s how to set it up: https://support.bubbleiq.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005458594

Create tickets using Slack Actions

Slack recently announced some great new functionality. Slack Actions allow users to perform actions on messages in Slack. In the past, we’ve used the :key: reaction in Slack to take action on a message. While we are continuing to support the use of the :key: reaction or the :pushpin: and the :key: to capture multiple messages, we’ve also added support for a Slack action to create a ticket from any message in Slack.

You can enable this by going to our homepage and reauthorizing the BubbleIQ bot.

Modifying the first message in the Slack thread

When a new Bubble is created in Slack, the first message is auto-populated by mentioning the Slack username of the requestor of the ticket and then posting a message letting the users know that messages will be synced between the thread and the ticket.

Many of our customers wanted to customize this – either removing the username from the message and/or customizing the message completely. We added this as an option in the admin settings to modify:

Set up is simple, here are the step by step instructions.

We’ve got lots more great stuff in the works, and we’re always open to suggestions. Post your ideas or feedback in the comments below.