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Product Updates – Move Bubbles between channels, auto-delete on solve, and add any Slack message to a ticket

Fletcher RichmanFletcher Richman

Product Updates – Move Bubbles between channels, auto-delete on solve, and add any Slack message to a ticket

Happy August!

We’ve been hard at work improving BubbleIQ to help teams optimize their workflows between Zendesk and Slack in order to get better response times and happier customers.

Moving Bubbles between Channels

One of the best things about Slack is how easy it is to collaborate across different teams and departments. When organized well, each channel is focused on specific topics to keep the whole team informed while making sure no one is too distracted.

BubbleIQ now lets you bring the power of channel based collaboration to your whole support team by making it easy to move tickets from one channel to another during escalations, triaging, or other important processes.

When enabled, each ticket in Slack will have the option to move it to another channel:

Turn this on in your admin settings. Step-by-step instructions.

Alternatively, you might not want tickets to move to another channel but instead to just disappear from the channel once they are solved. Set up tickets to automatically remove from Slack upon solving in your admin settings: https://support.bubbleiq.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007711294.

Add any Slack message to a ticket

BubbleIQ uses Slack threads to 2-way sync the conversation in Slack with public responses and internal notes in Zendesk.

Sometimes, there will be a message outside of a thread that needs to be added to a ticket. This was a perfect use case for Slack’s new Actions functionality. We’ve added a Slack action that lets you add any message in Slack as an internal note or public response to an existing ticket. You’ll see this action option on any message in Slack.

Once you launch the action, the message is auto-populated into the Slack dialog and you can choose the ticket and whether to post as an internal note or public response.

Getting all of this data into Zendesk tickets will ensure that nothing is getting lost in Slack.

That’s the latest and greatest from us. As always, if you have feature requests or ideas, post them in the comments or send us an email at support@bubbleiq.com.