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Product Updates – Capturing multiple Slack messages for a ticket

Fletcher RichmanFletcher Richman

Product Updates – Capturing multiple Slack messages for a ticket

BubbleIQ strives to make work easy (and fun) for support and IT teams across the globe. This latest product update is one we are incredibly excited for as we create a quick and amusing way to capture a lot of Slack messages for a single ticket.

Use emojis to combine messages

Often times, you receive multiple messages in a Slack channel or direct message that need to be combined into one ticket. You can now accomplish this by using one of our favorite things: emojis!

It is a really simple process:

  1. Mark the first message you’d like to capture with a :pushpin: emoji
  2. Mark the last message with the standard emoji, the :key:

The resulting ticket that gets created will take each message and turn it into a transcript posted as a comment on the new ticket.

A simple way to combine multiple messages to craft a detailed ticket for your team to follow – this is BubbleIQ making work easy.

Let us know what product features or updates you would like to see in the comments below or in an email to support@bubbleiq.com. We will see you next month with some new features!