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Product Updates – Custom Slack channel field, :key: in DM, add multiple channels

Fletcher RichmanFletcher Richman

Product Updates – Custom Slack channel field, :key: in DM, add multiple channels

It has been a productive start to 2018 here at BubbleIQ! We’ve implemented a lot of new features in order to improve the workflows of support teams everywhere. Check out the latest updates below, and if you have ideas for new features, you can request them here.

Trigger Workflows based on a custom Zendesk Field

Many of our customers want to create workflows in Zendesk after a ticket has been synced with BubbleIQ. In order to accomplish this, we have added a new custom field to your Zendesk account called “slack_channel”. For every ticket synced with Zendesk, this field is populated with the name of the Slack channel the ticket is in.

Here’s a ticket I created in the #bubup-test channel in our Slack:

By default, this field is hidden in your Zendesk workspace, which we recommend leaving because you shouldn’t edit it. For the purposes of showing you how it works, we’ve included the field in our default ticket form. As you can see, it has been populated with the channel:

You can start workflows using Zendesk Triggers based on this custom field.

Create tickets in DMs

Many of our customers use BubbleIQ to manage internal IT and HR requests. These requests typically come in as a direct message to the IT or HR manager such as:

Now, the IT or HR manager can just mark that message with a :key:, and it will create a Zendesk ticket, which the BubbleIQ bot will DM to the employee. All responses to the ticket will post back to that thread in the DM between the BubbleIQ bot and the employee who asked the question.

The IT or HR manager will also get a message from BubbleIQ with a link to the ticket.

Sending Tickets into Multiple Slack Channels

We’ve had the ability to send tickets from Zendesk to multiple Slack channels for a while, but it was previously a manual process. Now you can do so with the click of an invite.

To set up a new Slack channel that can receive Zendesk tickets, you can invite the bot and then say @bubbleiq alt-1.

This will automatically create a Trigger in Zendesk called BubbleIQAlt1. You can change the conditions of this trigger to whatever you want, and those tickets will post to the Slack channel.

A more detailed setup guide for this is in our FAQs.

That is a wrap on our product updates for this month! Thanks for being a part of this journey with us, and we can’t wait to see what new features we can infuse our product with for your team’s efficiency and improvement.