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Product Updates – Internal Notes, Trigger on Ticket Create, Multiple Ticket Forms

Fletcher RichmanFletcher Richman

Product Updates – Internal Notes, Trigger on Ticket Create, Multiple Ticket Forms

The Techstars Boulder 2018 Program has BubbleIQ in a whirlwind of product activity! Just this past month, we have pushed out a ton of new features to improve support and IT teams’ workflows and make their work easier. Here is what we’ve been up to, including some highly requested updates.  

Send internal notes when default is public response

By default, responses to threads in Slack post as public responses to Zendesk tickets. If the default is public response, you can start your message in Slack with IN: to post an internal note. This will only work if your email in Slack maps to the email of your agent profile in Zendesk. If you are not a Zendesk agent, it will post as a public response.


Triggering an action when a ticket is created

When a ticket is created from Slack, it is often useful to automatically assign that ticket or modify the ticket in some way based on the fact that it was made via BubbleIQ or even which Slack channel it was created in.

For every ticket synced with Slack through BubbleIQ, there are two things you will be able to build a trigger based on.

  1. A tag will be added to the ticket with the name of the Slack channel.
  2. A custom field will be populated on every ticket. It will either be called “bubbleiq_slack_channel” or “slack_channel”

You could build a trigger to assign tickets that are created via BubbleIQ in the #feature-requests channel with a trigger like this:

Creating a ticket from multiple ticket forms via Slack

When creating a ticket from Slack, you often have required fields you want users to fill out. Previously, we added the ability to connect one ticket form. Now, you can connect multiple ticket forms. Message the bot “admin” and click “Enable Multiple Ticket forms.” You can either choose 4 specific forms or all forms.

Then, when users use/support or mark a message with a :key:, they will be asked which form that ticket is related to, which will then launch that form in Slack:

This feature is only available on BubbleIQ’s Premium and Enterprise Plans. Ticket forms also require the Enterprise version of Zendesk.


Those are the updates for the month! If you have a feature request or idea, send us an email, support@bubbleiq.com, or post them in the comments.