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Product Updates – Ticket Forms, Collaborators and Ticket Linking

Fletcher RichmanFletcher Richman

Product Updates – Ticket Forms, Collaborators and Ticket Linking

We’ve had a busy week at BubbleIQ as we approach the end of the year! We not only launched our company blog but also had several great new features implemented by the engineering team.

Zendesk Ticket form integration with slash command

We heard our customers requesting more control over the ticket creation process. Particularly, they wanted to integrate with existing Zendesk Ticket Forms to make sure required fields are filled out for new tickets

So we built it! To enable this feature, BubbleIQ admins can message the bot “admin” and select a Ticket Form from the settings. After that, any time the /support command is used, it will load up a form in Slack to create the ticket.

The fields of the form in Slack load directly from the Zendesk ticket form.

Add cc’s/collaborators to a ticket

We wanted to make it easy for everyone in Slack to stay up to date on a ticket. We love Slack’s “reacjis” and find them to be an easy way to indicate intent. Now, anytime someone adds the :heavy_plus_sign: reaction to a ticket, it adds them as a collaborator:

You can also mark the message in the channel identified by a :key: to be added as a collaborator.

Link problem-incident tickets

Zendesk has a built-in way to manage large-scale issues reported by multiple people, resulting in one parent “Problem ticket” and multiple child “Incident Tickets”. More info can be found here if you’re unfamiliar with this topic.

Our engineering team has integrated this into our product. When a message is posted into Slack that is linked to a Problem ticket and marked with a :key:, the resulting ticket created would be an Incident ticket linked to the original Problem ticket.

That’s it for this week, but we have many more updates coming to improve your support and IT workflows soon!