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Zendesk Isn’t Just for Customer Support: How to Take Advantage for HR

Fletcher RichmanFletcher Richman

Zendesk Isn’t Just for Customer Support: How to Take Advantage for HR

If you’re a business or customer support professional, chances are that you’ve used Zendesk yourself or that you know somebody using it. Zendesk is used by more than 110,000 businesses across the globe, primarily for customer support communications. Well-known brands such as Shopify, Netflix, Tile, and Buzzfeed are already using Zendesk to better serve their customers. While businesses tend to use Zendesk primarily for their customers, the platform also boasts extensive capabilities for internal communication.

Have you ever considered using Zendesk to help streamline internal business operations such as human resources? Effective communication is necessary for all aspects of an organization, not just customer support. Let’s look at a few ways in which Zendesk can improve your HR processes and communication:

You can read more directly from Zendesk about the ways to use Zendesk for HR here.

And That’s Just the Start…

Zendesk functions can be manipulated for nearly any external or internal service. This post outlines some specific techniques for HR, but Zendesk can be used for other teams and purposes as well. IT, Finance, Sales, Legal, and Operations departments can also use Zendesk to streamline business communication. Macros, ticket sharing, triggers, and tags can all be used to organize, provide information, and communicate in a timely manner. Don’t restrict yourself to a service you’re already using – leverage the power of Zendesk for your internal operations as well!